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Doctrine Is Life – Pastor Skogen’s Tidings of Hope for November 2016

by jskogen

Shortly, we will be finding out we will be stuck with for our next president. As the government is showing itself to be more and more corrupt, becoming increasingly anti-Christian and impeding more and more into our freedoms to live as Christians, we are concerned about what the future holds for us in this country. […]

Pastor’s Tidings of Hope for July 2016

by jskogen

We continue our examination of the 10 Commandments. Remember that these commandments are very relevant to our daily lives. They are God’s will for us as to how we are to live our lives as His people and as neighbors to one another. These commandments also show us our sins, giving us reason to repent […]

Pastor Skogen’s August 2016 Tidings of Hope

by jskogen

The Fourth and Fifth Commandments and God’s Will for Our Lives In the last article I wrote about the first table of the law, which deals with our relationship to God. This article is about the first two commandments of the second table of the law, which deals with our relationship to our neighbor. These […]

Pastor Skogen’s June 2016 Tidings of Hope

by jskogen

The Doctrine of the Law In my last Tidings of Hope, you read about how doctrine is relevant to our Christian lives, how it is the basis for our blessed unity, and how it prepares us for the proper reception of Communion. These reasons are in addition to the important facts that biblical doctrine is […]

Pastor Skogen’s May 2016 Tidings of Hope

by jskogen

In my address to the congregation at the January Congregational Meeting, which is recorded in the 2015 Annual Report, I stressed the importance of doctrine, or teachings. I encourage you to read it again. Many people view Christian doctrine as simply a field of study for theologically trained people. They think that it is mostly […]

Pastor Skogen’s April 2016 Tidings of Hope

by jskogen

We’ve Just Celebrated Easter! Now What? It’s sometimes difficult when  your favorite day comes and goes. You go on an awesome vacation, but then it’s over, and it will be a long time until another one comes. Your favorite holiday or your birthday passes by, and you have to wait a whole year for it […]

Lent 2016

by lakehavasuisthebest

Jesus came into the world to save sinners–that means all of us! This work brought Him on a journey to Jerusalem, to a hill, and to a cross. We travel with Him on a Lenten journey. We confess our sins, our need for a Savior, and contemplate the extents that Jesus went for our salvation! It is a […]