Join us at Hope on Saturday July 20th at 1pm for a presentation by Dr. Gary Locklair of Concordia University Wisconsin: Creation is Reasonable

“Four evidences that argue powerfully for God’s creative activity.”

Is it reasonable to believe that the universe is the result of a special creative act of God? Is it reasonable to reject the evolutionary model for the origins of the universe? Must Christians feel as if there is a great disconnect between their faith and science?

Can you share why you accept the creation account to an honest skeptic? Can you do so in an engaging and understandable way?

The Bible clearly shows that God created everything in six days at the beginning. The universe and life did not naturally develop over eons of time. But what if you need to share creation with an unbeliever or someone who accepts evolution?

Since God did create everything, His world clearly demonstrates that fact.

Let’s investigate how four evidences argue powerfully for God’s creative activity

The Fine Tuning argument demonstrates the creation of the universe

The testimony of Information Theory shows the creation of life

The Fossil evidence supports the creation of diverse life

The Image of God confirms the creation of human beings


Dr. Gary Locklair is professor of computer science at Concordia University Wisconsin where he has served since 1986. He has been actively involved in the science of origins (cosmogony) for over 30 years. He teaches a science course at CUW on cosmogony. He serves on the board of directors for the Creation Research Society, the oldest international organization devoted to scientific research into the creation model. He is a member of the Lutheran Science Institute. He and his wife Karen have 5 children, all of whom graduated with honors from Concordia University. They have been blessed with 9 grandchildren and enjoy living on a small hobby farm with their rescue animals. Dr. Locklair is a member of St. Matthew Lutheran Church (WELS) in Port Washington, WI.

This presentation is free but we do ask you to please register the number of people attending in your party by emailing or calling the church office at (219) 762-7635